Qualities of a Great Life Coach

The life coaching industry has significantly grown over the years. This is because more people are going through difficult times due to the challenges of a fast-paced world. From getting help in your romantic relationship to learning how to become a better boss for your own business, a life coach can help you change the things you want so you can be more successful in your endevours.

If you want to know what qualities the most
successful life coaches possess so you’ll know what to look for in one, here’s a short list for you:

Good and Active Listener

Anyone can claim that they’re a good life coach, but not everyone will be up to the task. It’s not uncommon to hear about horror stories regarding dismissive and inattentive coaches. So what sets the best life coaches from the not? A good life coach is a good and active listener. The operative word here is ‘active’ which means consciously making an effort not just to hear the words coming out of your mouth, but more importantly, the message that lies behind those words.

life coach having a conversation with a coachee

Passes No Judgment

A great life coach should never judge their clients. People who hire a certified life coach do so because they feel stuck in a certain phase or aspect in their life. The last thing they need is for someone to judge them for their wrong choices. A personal development coach can help them move forward by providing them with a safe and supportive space where they can openly address their feelings without fear of being ridiculed or invalidated.


There’s a reason why coming to your friends for advice rarely leads to the resolution of your problems. It’s because any advice coming from them will always involve a certain level of bias. A professional life coach will be objective and focus on what you want to achieve and not how you feel about receiving constructive criticism. A great coach will not let their own values or beliefs affect any advice they will give you.


Finally, a great life coach must be patient and encourage you to be more patient. Changes don’t happen overnight, so it’s important for coaches to set the proper expectations in their clients. Inspiring them to commit to a goal will make it easier for them to take it one step at a time without losing sight of what’s important. A lot of patience will also help remove the client’s anxiety so they don’t feel like a burden, or that their concerns are trivial compared to other people’s struggles.

Get a Life Coach Today

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