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Online Relationship Coaching Program

You have the power to rewrite your relationship history. Sometimes, you just need guidance to steer you into the best direction. That’s what Daftein’s online relationship coaching can do for you.

When a relationship you care about such as with a family member or a friend is in trouble, you can feel unsure about who to ask for help with such a personal problem. Family or friends are often too emotionally invested to be impartial. A couple’s therapist or a marriage guidance counsellor can feel too impersonal. But with personal relationship coaching at Daftein, you can create a safe space for you to share your experiences with honesty and openness.

Whether you are trying to see how you fit in a group, in the process of patching up old hurts or just generally trying to communicate better with other people, know that you have an impartial guide in the relationship coaching staff at Daftein.

We genuinely want to see you make and maintain long term or even life-long bonds that make your life much more satisfying.

Online Relationship Coach for Personal Ties

Living your life to the fullest doesn’t just stop with your personal happiness. After all, no man (or woman!) is an island. Your interactions with your nearest and dearest need to be satisfying and meaningful, too. Make sure that you fill your life with satisfying relationships, enriching experiences with your partner, family and friends by seeking guidance from an experienced relationship coach.

What is an online relationship coach?

Online relationship coaches are specialists who help people find greater gratification in their personal relationships be it platonic or romantic relationships. They usually have experience in a broad range of relationship dynamics. At Daftein, our online relationship coaching program and coaching for personal relationships can provide you and your partner with the tools you need to communicate better, resolve conflicts in a healthy manner and find deeper connections with others.

How is this different from couples therapy?

A good relationship coach and the sessions you have with them are vastly different from therapy or some other form of medical service to help cope with mental issues and trauma. Instead, coaches are more like personal trainers for the soul; they help people clear their mind of clutter, figure out their goals and get them inspired so they can achieve them.

Relationship coaches deal with making you a better, higher performing person in the way you interact with the people around you. Through these coaching sessions, you can learn healthier ways of performing conflict resolution and navigating complex situations that involve emotions. 

What can online relationship coaching help with, then?

There are a lot of ways your life will become more meaningful with the guidance of a relationship coach in the UK! Here are some examples, but do remember that we’ve all got our own struggles and your needs are just as valid even if we didn’t explicitly list it here.

Benefits of online relationship coaching

At Daftein, you can get effective relationship coaching from the safety, comfort and privacy of your own home. Despite recent requirements for physical distancing, you don’t have to pause your sessions with us. You can easily transition into coaching sessions via video conference!

Whether you need to heal, mend or grow from a past relationship experience, our online relationship coaching will always start with the most important person in your life — you. Once you deeply understand and accept yourself, all your relationships, be it platonic or romantic, will be better.

Is Daftein's online relationship coaching for you?

Daftein’s online relationship coaching has been effective for many people dealing with various relationships and situations. Our online personal relationship coaching services can help if you’re:

Finding a Coach and Process that Suits You

Why do I need to shop around for a good relationship coach?

Coaches are like good socks. The regular ones can serve you well enough, get the job done. But good ones accommodate the shape of you and help you through your journey, whether it’s in the literal sense or in the supportive capacity of a relationship coach in the UK. This is why it’s important that you find a coach whose personal style and demeanor are a fit for you. They must also have the necessary coaching skills to see you through your struggles.

Why should you pick a Daftein coach?

Premium relationship coaching in UK is hard to come by. Daftein prides itself in bringing a coach who is both good at their job and passionate about helping people live a more satisfying life. Besides bringing professional expertise to the table, you can count on us to genuinely care about the state of your relationships as one human being to another.

We don’t do cookie cutter coaching solutions here. As we’ve been in your shoes at one point in our lives or another, we’ve learned to dream big. We want you to have the best experience, and so we aspire to make each coaching session personalised to your unique needs.

Does Daftein have a standard coaching process?

Just like our coaches, we tailor our programmes to the needs of our mentees. Therefore, though some programmes will look similar, they will never be completely alike. We can, however, offer the basic structure that our coaching processes follow:

Get in Touch with a Relationship Coaching Specialist

Do you want to interact and communicate with your nearest and dearest in increasingly more meaningful ways? Desire to reaffirm or close the curtain on certain relationships in a healthy and productive manner? Daftein can help you with that and more.

Reach out to us and let’s speak about your coaching needs. You can book a free consultation if you’d like to know more.

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