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Sometimes the strands of life can feel overwhelmingly tangled and it’s easy to just give up on the pile of mess. Daftein’s professional life coaching method helps you work out the kinks so you discover how to live life meaningfully and give you a better perspective to appreciate your life’s unique design. 

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Everyone goes through spells where we don’t feel so great about ourselves. The same goes for times when we think that we’re on top of the world. These ups and downs are part of life. What happens, however, when you feel that there aren’t enough of the ups to counter the downs?

You’re not alone in this mindset. As our personal development coaches can attest, many people often feel this way in one aspect or another of their lives over the course of their life. We know where you’re coming from. Match with a life coach online and let our guidance show you how to be more in control of your life.

With a coach’s help, you can overcome obstacles to living your life to the fullest, be they external or internal matters, for you to address. Using a coaching style that targets your performance, we’ll guide you to work on and with yourself, focusing on untangling any troublesome knots along the way, so you become a better, more confident you.

Your Online Personal Development Coach

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A performance coach to help improve life

A life coach is someone who supports and supplements a person’s development, online or in person, in order to achieve a particular goal or several goals. They are adept at looking at a person’s situation and identifying areas of improvement and subsequently providing the training and guidance they need to progress.

Many individuals and professionals tap a professional life coach for the express purpose of getting ahead in life, but that’s not the only reason to do so.  Some people hire a life coach online because they feel like they’re stuck or are experiencing a slump in life. They may wish to be empowered and receive a boost — which is the area of expertise of a life coach.

The concerns that people approach a coach for cover anywhere from career advancement to romantic droughts to communication problems, but the resolution will come from within that person — what the life coach practitioner does is ask the right questions to bring it to light.

Professional Development Specialist. Life Coach. Friend.

Looking for meaning or purpose in life? Want to attain a goal but don’t know how? We’ve been in your shoes once, too. So, we know what a confusing time it can be and don’t want you to go on your journey alone and unassisted.

This is why Daftein has made it its mission to help people like you reach their potential and overcome obstacles that get in the way of living well.

Daftein can provide a logical method for your development called performance coaching. Additionally, as persons who genuinely want to make a difference in other people’s lives and see them succeed, we can be there for you as a friend.

Hire an online life coach from Daftein and see how you can understand yourself better, explore your full potential and ultimately change your life for the better.

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Performance Life Coaching Options

Daftein helps you map out your path to success and better living by organising your goals according to categories and working on your goals methodically. We’ll focus on four major areas, but it doesn’t mean it’s limited just to those.

By thoroughly studying your goals, your Daftein life coach consultant will be able to individualise an integrated programme.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Have you ever taken a look at your life and thought that there was something missing or that you don’t feel fulfilled with it but can’t place why? Daftein can empower you to seek and bring forth the answers from within. Then, you’ll be coached on how to make sound decisions that bring forth the changes you’re looking for
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Tap into your potential to be an effective and proactive manager or entrepreneur. Daftein’s performance coaching methods help you cultivate healthy leadership habits and stamp out attitudes and mannerisms that sabotage your goals as a decision-maker in business. With the advantage that performance coaching for business affords you, you’ll be able to avoid or weather business pitfalls.
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Elevate the quality of your bonds with your spouse/partner, family and friends. Daftein’s coach will help you understand your needs, wants and goals as a person in relationships so that you can get started on improving your ties with your nearest and dearest. We’ll also equip you with tools that promote healthy communication and cooperation with others
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Whether you want to land that new position or plan to start anew on a passion project, you’ll benefit from guidance from Daftein’s performance coaching. One of our core topics covers communicating and interacting effectively in a work environment. By developing your abilities in these areas, you achieve your career goals.
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Daftein’s Coaches’ Processes

How can I learn to live my life in a more meaningful way? Is it possible for me to do better and be more confident in my job? What should I do when I’m having problems communicating with my partner? If you’re searching for the answers to any of these questions or more, then let Daftein help you discover the answers from within.

All you’ll have to do is match yourself with a coach based on your needs, and we’ll provide a programme to ensure your development as a confident person, an effective professional, a good partner and more!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any enquiries or concerns about our life coach rates.

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Keep working on yourself

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Engage with others

Although Daftein provides performance and life coaching services, we don’t wish to limit your experience. We want to connect you with others who are going through similar struggles or those who want to achieve the same goals as you. We’ve organised small forums where you could talk to and express your thoughts – hope to see you around!

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