M3A2 Man in Black Cap Practicing Mindfulness

Overcoming Self-Made Psychological Barriers

We often talk about the value of having a healthy sense of self and of the future. However, it’s equally important to be aware of ...
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M3 B1 Woman Celebrating a Stress Free Life

Manage Stress and Anxiety with Kundalini Yoga

We are in the midst of a global mental health crisis. Around 284 million people around the world – that’s 1 in every 13 people! ...
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Spoons for Mindful Cooking

Breakfast Meaningfully: 3 Mindful Eating Tips to Start Your Day

We’ve covered the basics of what it is to eat more mindfully in our last blog. Now it’s time we talked about practice—and what better ...
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Hand Arranging Fruits to Form Smiley Face

Mindful Eating: Rethinking Your Relationship with Your Food

They say that you are what you eat. But the fast-paced and hectic schedule of modern life has driven a wedge between ourselves and our ...
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M2 B2 0Lighted Candles for Religious and Spiritual Purposes

Spirituality and Religion: What’s the Difference?

Discussions over what spirituality is and how to be spiritual aren’t uncommon. Many people are interested in enriching their inner life, after all, and they ...
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M2 B1 What is Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga: Awakening the Energy in Your Chakras

‘Yoga’ has become an umbrella term that covers a diverse set of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that strengthen the body and enrich one’s inner ...
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