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Finding the right coach for you

Everyone one of us has the potential to reach our goals. It’s just a matter of discovering what our goals are and bringing that side of ourselves to light, making it a significant part of who we are. How do you do that?

You could do self-study and muddle your way through it, or you could take on the services of a personal coach to work with you on your development.

Personal coaches can help you with a range of concerns. The most skilled of them will take your personality into account, understand what you want to achieve and tailor their guidance to suit your growth style. Finding a coach who gets you is already half the battle in your quest to live more meaningfully.

A coach could be an invaluable asset to you in the following instances:

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The Coach

Nahal Motahari

My coaching method involves fostering an accurate and empathic understanding of your life journey as an individual who is willing to explore the meaning behind and the answers to questions like Who am I? What do I want to do? How should I overcome any challenges that stand in the way of my personal or professional development?

In my quest to further improve upon my skills as a coach and my ability to guide you, I’ve taken and earned certifications in several courses that I apply holistically in my practice:

  • Socratic Questioning in Psychotherapy & Counseling
  • Working with Resisting Clients
  • Choice Theory- Reality Therapy- Lead Management
  • MBT (STEP-1) Workshop 
  • Mire Healthy Personality Workshop
Nahal’s Coaching Method  No coaching session of mine is the same — I adjust each encounter based on your needs and the progress you’ve made. To keep a little structure, however, I follow a certain flow to establish our direction and pace: First, you and I set up a session or two getting to know each other so the subsequent sessions will be open and relaxed. During this period, I will ask some questions to discern your needs and goals. The following session will then deal with the formalisation of the coaching agreement, wherein I will present the coaching strategy that I believe will benefit you most. As this is about your development, your input on my plan is very welcome. Together, we can fine-tune the map of your coaching journey. When that’s taken care of, you and I will embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery. I will be there to help you develop positive habits, attitudes and ways of interpreting situations so that you can eventually reach a point in life wherein you are comfortable and confident in your true self.


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