What is Relationship Coaching and How Can It Help You?

Humans are, by nature, a social being. As the saying goes, no man is an island and with the ongoing pandemic, it is our relationships that keeps us moving forward. Just like everything in life though, relationships can get a little complicated sometimes. That’s where relationship coaching comes in.

Relationship coaching helps improve your interactions with the people in your life. This is really important, since having healthy and fulfilling relationships contribute to people’s happiness. If you’re wondering what is relationship coaching and what it can do for you, then read on.

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching falls under life coaching, but it focuses on people’s relationships. The goal of relationship coaching is to help individuals make the most out of their personal and professional relationships. If you’re looking to find ways to take your relationships to the next level, then trying out a relationship coaching service could be beneficial for you.

Relationship coaching isn’t restricted to couples either! Relationship coaching applies to all kind of relationships, platonic or romantic. While couples will definitely benefit from it, an individual may choose to work with a relationship coach to find a fulfilling relationship, enrich their current ties to family and friends, or even to work through their grief.

What do Relationship Coaches Do?

Much like a personal life coach, relationship coaches are there to help you achieve your goals. Relationship coaches employ several techniques to help out individuals fulfill their relationship goals. Usually, this involves clarifying your current life situation and where you want your relationship to go. A relationship coach will help you discover the best way for you to go about the relationship. They will not dictate how you should manage your relationships but they may give you a push in the right direction.

While relationship coaching will try to help you achieve your relationship goals, it’s important to note that it is not a substitute to therapy or counselling. A key difference between coaching and therapy is that the former focuses on the present, what you can do, rather than the psyche or trauma behind your actions. If you feel that you need to unpack the past, therapy is a good option. Still, relationship coaching and couples therapy can work hand in hand to support your relationships.

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What are the Different Kinds of Relationship Coaching?

Individuals have different goals for different relationships. As such, relationship coaches can’t give everyone the same services or advice. If you’re wondering what is the right relationship coaching service for you, the list below gives a brief overview of the different kinds of relationship coaching you can get.

Family Coaching

Family coaching is perfect for those who want to achieve a well-balanced family life. Family coaching works on improving familial relationships. If you want to enrich your interactions with your parents, siblings, grandparents, or even your extended family members, then you might want to work with a family relationship coach.

Business Coaching

Since relationships go beyond the usual circle of family and friends, relationship coaches also tackle business or professional relationships. Business coaching involves peer to peer, manager to employee, teams, and even corporate and business units. If you’re looking to build camaraderie and productive relationships within the office, then this is the perfect option.

Singles Coaching

How about single people? Can they benefit from relationship coaching? Singles coaching is perfect for individuals looking to lead fulfilling lives. A common misconception about singles coaching is that it’s there for people looking to be in a relationship. While there are relationship coaches that can help you with that, if that is your relationship goal, singles coaching can guide you through the different situations you find yourself in.

Singles coaching considers your relationship goals and what kind of single person you are. Whether you are single but not available or actively looking for a relationship, singles coaching will help you find a way to fulfill your goals.

Couples Coaching

What is couples coaching and how is it Couples coaching is what most people think when they think of relationship coaching. Similar to singles coaching, your relationship coach’s approach will vary depending on you and your partner’s goals. A married couple may want to focus on starting a family, while a committed but unmarried couple may want to take their relationship to the next level.

Working with a relationship coach allows couples to have an impartial and objective party create a safe space for them to honestly and openly discuss their thoughts to help them achieve their relationship goals.

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What Does a Dating Coach Do?

You might be wondering, is there any difference in what a relationship coach does from a dating coach?

A dating coach is a kind of relationship that specializes in helping individuals traverse the dating jungle. While it may be funny to picture dating coaches picking out the right outfits for their clients’ first dates, their job is actually a bit more complicated than that. So, what exactly does a dating coach do?

Dating coaches help their clients put their best foot forward when they enter the dating scene. A dating coach can give you advice on how to give a good first impression. This involves talking about what you want in a date and your expectations when dating. Most importantly, a dating coach will help you manage stress and anxiety related to dating. After all, dating can be difficult—so your dating coach can guide you through those nerves and second thoughts when it comes to dating.

Finding the Right Coach for Your Relationship

Just like any relationship, finding the right person to help you and your partner involves a lot of communication. It’s important to remember when you’re trying to find the right coach that relationship coaching is a process and that you and your coach will need time to make things work. Still, the best coaches will fit you and your partner’s style and goal. If you’re looking for right coach, Daftein provides a coach who is both professional and passionate.

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