Do I Need a Life Coach? Top Reasons to Hire (or Not to Hire) One

If there’s one thing that’s common among highly successful and popular public figures, it’s that they all have personal life coaches who work with them extensively. There are several reasons to get a life coach. Some claim that they can help you achieve your goals and make your life journey as seamless as possible. Some swear by it, others think they’re a complete waste of time and other resources, and we completely understand why.

A wise man once said, “Everybody needs a coach.” And though a lot of people agree, it’s not a popular opinion in the modern world. In fact, there’s still a stigma about hiring a coach or working with a qualified coach.

Many people believe that no one else can pave their way to success except themselves. Up to a certain point, we do agree. That’s why to help people who are still sitting on the fence about it, we have come up with some guide on how they can tell whether they should or should not hire an online life coach.

Let’s start with the following:

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Why Hire a Coach?

If you’re going through some transitions in life, hiring a life coaching expert is a great idea. Here are some reasons why we think you should consider hiring your own personal coach:

Accelerated Results

Many people have no problems defining the goals they want to achieve in life. Their struggle is in finding the motivation to follow through on their plans. It’s not uncommon for some to get caught up and obsessed with the future version or final form of themselves that they no longer focus on the present. After all, if you can feel the satisfaction of success by imagining it, there’s no need to get the real thing, right?

This mentality can be corrected by a life coach. A life coach can direct a person and get them on the right path so they can work on getting results instead of daydreaming about the possibilities. Whether you need coaching in your relationship, career, or business, a life coach is trained to help you overcome your biggest challenges so you can get to the next level of your goals. And because they’re skilled in doing this, you can expect to be directed and guided in the right direction.

Accountability Training

Maintaining daily motivation is a struggle on its own. There aren’t a lot of people who stay committed to their goals on a daily basis. Sometimes you may feel a burst of energy to conquer the world, sometimes it’s like you have a snooze button on everything you have to accomplish in a day. A good coach can help change this way of thinking and train you to be accountable for your own success and all the tasks that will lead to it.

Some people can do this without help. Others need someone to hold their hand while they try to stick to a routine slowly. If you find it hard to commit to something long-term, then you need a life coach to help you. A good life coach will check in on you from time to time to see if you are doing the tasks assigned to you as well as sticking to the deadlines imposed. They will provide you with the encouragement you need as well as any corrections necessary to change your noncompliant behavior.

Capacity to Leave the Comfort Zone

A lot of bad habits and negative traits stem from the absence of a productive routine. It’s in your comfort zone that you start letting go of the things that matter like your health, career, relationships, and more. A good coach can shake things up and help you leave your comfort zone. As you learn new things and develop new skills and proficiencies, you become more confident about hitting your goals.

Mindset Rework

Perhaps one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome is a defeatist mindset. When a person is overwhelmed and feels like all risks are not worth whatever’s to be gained, it’s easy to understand why some people, despite their beautiful plans, never even start. If you feel like all efforts to achieve your goals are futile, get a life coach.

A life coach will help you rework your mindset so you can be more positive when it comes to your dreams. Your coach will break down your goals into smaller sections and steps, so they don’t overwhelm you long before you even make a move. This way you can start your journey to success with multiple small victories that will be your collective success in the long run.

Realistic Progression

It’s normal for life coaching services to start with short-term goals. You will probably be offered three-month programs that break down the entire duration of your coaching into several workshops, check-ins, and sessions. This will allow you to spread out the deadlines of your various goals. It enables you to take baby steps, so you don’t feel overwhelmed every time you define a new life goal.

Normally, these coaching sessions begin with formulating a plan based on the detailed future you envision. It’s from there that the various elements of your life are scrutinized to determine where you can make adjustments so you can achieve your goals within a realistic timeframe.

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Why Hiring a Coach May Not Be for You

You want to fix what’s wrong in your life

Life coaches aren’t problem solvers. They are aids who will provide you with the motivation, the mindset, and the perspective to reach your goals. If you have problems with your personal relationships, career, or your personal growth and development, no one else can fix it but you. But a life coach can equip you with what you need to overcome all the struggles along the way.

You have psychological issues

Although coaches talk to you about your struggles and your triumphs, they are not therapists. Perhaps the biggest distinction between the two is that coaches generally focus on your future and how they can help you make your way toward that future. Therapists on the other hand will want to deal with your past and address any lingering issues there so they do not interfere with your present and future.

Ideally, if you have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or any mental illness, you need to talk to either a psychologist or a licensed and trained therapist.

You’re looking for a wise friend

The reason why your loved ones can’t help you with your goals despite them having your best interest at heart is because more often than not, they can never be impartial when it comes to you. In fact, they might not even find any fault in you because of your closeness. This is why it’s important for your life coach to NOT be your friend. The closer you are to a person, the harder it will be for them to stay objective regarding you.

You’re not ready for lasting and sustainable change

Every life coach’s goal is to support you through your transition and transformation. If you want to be the better, if not the best version of yourself, this is the way to do it. However, if you are dead set in your ways, then no amount of coaching will help. You don’t need to hire a coach if you are not ready to commit to lasting and sustainable change.

You need to ask yourself once you start your coaching whether this is something you will take in and emulate in your daily life. If not, then consider holding off for now. For coaching to work, a person must be receptive and open to the help being given.

Your end goal is to be happy all the time

You can spend all your life looking, but you’ll never find a single person who’s happy all the time. There will always be problems and inevitable events like death or sickness. A life coach will help you deal with these difficult situations. They will equip you with the necessary tools so that you can safely and responsibly process your feelings.

A life coach will never want you to be happy at all times, but a life coach will want you to deal with your problems and emotions in a mature way so you can have a fruitful and productive life.

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Ready to Work With a Life Coach?

If this guide made you realize that you want to work with a life coach in achieving your goals, then it’s time for you to find one online. Here at Daftein, we can help you get the guidance you need to better navigate your personal life, relationships, career, as well as your business endeavors. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a qualified online life coach you can trust. We’re more than happy to help you reach your goals as soon as possible.

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