12 Indicators You Need a Life Coach

Many successful and well-adjusted people swear by the significant value a life coach offers. They don’t only help when it comes to achieving goals but they’re a massive source of support and advice when you’re figuring out what to do with your life. Yet many people still hesitate to enlist the help of these professionals. 

We’ve previously written about what a life coach is and what they can do for you. But to really help you figure out if you need one, we’ve compiled a list of indicators that you might need a professional life coach:

When would You Need a Professional Life Coach? 

You are at a loss on how to move forward with life

If you’re confused and don’t know what to do next or don’t know what you want out of life, working with a life coach will help you get started on your journey forward and give it direction.

You have a goal but aren’t sure how to achieve it

Do you see yourself doing something or being successful at something in the future but have no idea how you’ll get to that point? A life coach will help you create a feasible, organised plan to follow. They can then guide you through the process of realising your vision.

You are thinking about shifting careers

Are you unsatisfied with your current job and want to move to another profession? Perhaps you’d like to be your own boss and start your own business? A life coach will have invaluable insight so you can plan and make your next move with confidence. 

You want to achieve health or fitness goals

If you have a weight goal or want to eat healthier, a life coach can help you pay more attention to your diet and be more responsible about what you consume.

You want to be more disciplined and stop procrastinating

Your goals don’t just fall into your lap. You’ll have to be constantly working towards them. But your negative patterns of behaviour and habit of procrastination might be keeping you from that future. A coach can help you adapt a healthier attitude focused on disciplined action.  

You want to be more mindful

Do you have issues organising your life and remembering to take care of simple chores like doing the laundry or taking out the trash? A life coach can help you focus and stay on track

You doubt yourself and your ability to decide

If you’re looking for clarity in life, then you definitely need a life coach. They can work with you to discover what you really want — you already usually know what it is, but it’s just buried underneath expectations and other pressures, waiting to be acknowledged. 

You want to follow through on your dreams

Not everyone is good at self-motivating. If you need someone to remind you regularly why you are working hard at something and what you need to do to achieve a dream, then you can’t go wrong with a life coach. They are objective and will keep you accountable and motivated.

You want to spend your time more meaningfully

There’s a lot to do and accomplish these days. It might seem like we don’t have enough time to do it all. A life coach could help you parse through all these goals to find the ones that really matter. They can help you learn which areas of life you should spend your precious time on.

You want a pay raise or to make more money

Money matters are serious. Therefore, attempts to better your station in life should be taken accordingly — but not at the cost of compromising your happiness. Find a life coach to provide insight into how to direct your skills and resources in a rewarding and profitable direction.

You want to be more mentally resilient

With so much to do, it could be easy to become overwhelmed. A life coach can help you deal with stress and frustration through relaxation techniques and adapting a healthier mindset. 

You want to learn how to be more confident in yourself

A life coach will be a great help for when you want to build your confidence. They will teach you how to be more assertive and more open to trying new things.

Do you meet any of the criteria listed above? Remember that professional life coaches are goal-driven in their approach, so even if your desire to achieve a better tomorrow for yourself isn’t listed, they might still be a viable option for you. Learn more about life coaching here.

How Do I Get in Touch with a Life Coach?

Whether you are ready to take your life by the reins and start on the path to success or are simply looking to explore your options, Daftein welcomes you to a session with our coach. We provide professional life coaching services for a range of issues. From personal relationships to career path advice, you can count on us to have your best interest at heart.

Reach out today to speak with us. We offer a FREE chemistry session to determine if our coach is a good fit for you.


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