Self-Care Advice For The Busy

The truth is, as much as we want it to happen,  we all can’t take our sweet time just to stop and smell the flowers while deciding on a whim to casually take the day off from work. The boon and bane of modern living is we are somewhat required to be constantly in a rush to get something done at some place at some time. Modern life is so busy that most of us struggle in finding that sweet spot of balance amid a medley of commitments.

There is a good kind of busyness to all of this, though. That happens when we put more focus on meaningful relationships, fun hobbies, our physical health, our homes, and doing thoughtful things for others. Busyness is what can happen when we put a lot of value in a variety of different things that all require effort and time.

Amid the flurry of bustling activities, we must not forget the greatest driver of all these endeavors is ourselves. 

So let us be mindful that our health and wellness is our greatest asset.  Here are some of the best self care tips for productively busy people!

Take A Break Often

While it’s nice to feel energised with a renewed sense of purpose when you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing; that enjoyable busyness might take its toll sooner or later if you don’t take a break.You might lose your enthusiasm and focus if all you ever want to do is cross out each and every box on a never-ending checklist. 

Leaving little to no room for spontaneity can negatively affect your outlook. Busy people are scared that they might run out of things to do if they stop now. That shouldn’t be the case. Rest assured that you can go back to your comfortable level of productivity even if you do take a break every now and then.

woman on bed taking a nap

Prioritise Your Needs First

Sometimes, you will encounter people who tend to push their agenda a bit too aggressively. The key thing to consider is finding the balance in maintaining strong social connections while making time for your personal endeavours.

Self-care advice is usually portrayed as pampering yourself lounging luxuriously in a spa #treatyourself. But there is another facet to that: it could be a need for relaxation, quiet, connection, stability and peace of mind.  So before you jump and join the fray to every little thing, ask yourself, what do I need most in my life right now?

Be Assertive About Setting Your Boundaries

Another trait of a busy person is that they tend to have a hard time saying ‘No’ to commitments from different people in the various aspect of their lives.

There are some huge benefits when it comes to building social bonds as people tend to experience lower levels of depression and anxiety when they have stronger support systems. However, there is also merit in keeping the social life simple yet meaningful. Instead of expending energy to social activities in an attempt to feel ‘better’, you can internalise exactly what it is you need right now and go straight to meeting that need. You can do so by learning to say no. 

The need for boundaries is not an indulgent luxury. In order to function well both physically and mentally, it is absolutely necessary to practice the best self care. 

learn to say no written on calendar

Schedule Your Time

Busy people tend to lament that they’re running out of time or that they don’t have enough time to add to their full plate. To make sense of the chaos, schedule your activities to give yourself a better visibility of your day to day activities. Not only will organising and scheduling help you truly care for yourself on a very fundamental level, but it will make your self care time all the more valuable.

By squeezing in the self-care in your time, you are more likely to be more productive and efficient in your other matters. Be realistic with your scheduling that if all you can see is the odd 10-minute gap, then use it. Depending on what your needs are, your self care routine could adjust accordingly. What matters is sticking with it. 

Limit Screen Time

Oftentimes, we are too caught up in a flurry of activity online because a lot of us are tied to our screens and mobile devices. Thanks to the accessibility of content, news, and work portals, the lines of communication are blurred between rest and work. Instead of having our eyes glued to the screen at all times, we could learn to get bust on other beneficial activities such as exercise, meditation and learning. A great self care advice? Do a social media detox! 

Mindful Living

The most important thing to remember is to be kind to yourself. A life coach can also do wonders to help you realign your purpose. And when you feel the overwhelming desire to do all things at once, remember that a slow, mindful approach to living is also desirable.

Mindful living is about life with awareness at this time. The meaning of life that is attentive involves maintaining your actions, words, and feelings to ensure that you live a good and present life. It’s about not letting your life pass through when living in a reaction and in your head. This is about stepping out into the world to become a good human being who practices virtue and who live according to their nature.

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